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Anti Theft Toll System

Anti Theft Toll System
“RF Adaptive Anti-Theft Toll Collection System” is a new technology for collecting toll in a faster and more efficient way. It is a great alternative to long waiting at manual toll plazas. In order to overcome the wastage of time and fuel at same time we have come up with a concept of RFID based automated toll collection system using Microcontroller. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification; these cards are unique identities provided to every vehicle by Registration Office at each city. Whenever a vehicle with such Unique ID reaches the toll plaza, the RFID card reader attached on the toll plaza gate reads the card and transfers the unique ID to Microcontroller. Accordingly, the processor works and deducts a fixed money from the prepaid card. If the card’s ID is valid and has sufficient balance, the processor will command the DC motor to start and open the gate, letting the vehicle to pass. On passing from the gate the screen will show the deducted and current balance of the card. If the card is not valid or it is thefted vehicle then the microcontroller will processes the function and will not allow the vehicle to pass through the gate and the gate will not open.

This is very efficient and power full idea. This idea comes in my mind for saving of time, energy consumption and saving of life and provide perfect traffic controlling anti theft toll collection system.
In this we use two module such as transmitter and receiver module. Transmitter module placed on special vehicle and receiver module placed on traffic control room. if any thefted vehicle found on the road system automatically check and inform the control room.

For this purpose we use RF active module that send a particular no and according to vehicle system collect the toll money and pass the vehicle.

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