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Industrial Automation and Speed Control

Industrial Automation and Speed Control This project mainly focuses on the controlling industrial loads remotely and shutting down the operation when fault is detected during operation of machines when the user is away from the place. The system uses GSM technology thus providing universally access to the user for automated machine control. AT89s52 Micro Controller is the core component of this project.  The objective of this project is to investigate a cost effective solution that will provide controlling of industrial loads remotely with fault detection and protecting the system from damage. The motivation was to facilitate the users to automate their industry having universal access. The industrial automation control system with an affordable cost was thought to be built that should be mobile providing remote access to the machines and equipment.
The project uses a motor and a microcontroller of ATmega family that operates the loads. The user can remotely start and stop the operation as well as control the speed. If any fault is detected (like over voltage and line to ground) the motor is automatically switched off. The status of the load and speed are displayed on seven segment display.

Programmable logic controllers used in industrial applications are very expensive. Thus, tasks performed by costly PLCs can now be achieved using a micro-controller making the device cost effective.


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