Automobile Design Project "Go-KART"

Designing & Fabricating A ‘GO‐KART’:

Exhibiting incredible innovative competence and applying the engineering skills learnt in class, a team comprising 10 students from pre final and final years of mechanical engineering branch fabricated

a small car for participation in a racing competition ‐ ‘International Go ‐ Kart Championship’ organized by Lovely Professional University, Punjab from 27th to 30th march 2015. The team that calls itself ‘Racing Rebels’ worked under the captainship of Dhruv Chauhan. Design of the project was prepared by Aditya Kr. Roy while Aakash Chauhan, Ankit Rawat, Vishal Singh, Adish Jain, Mohit Sharma, Shyam, Pushpraj & Prateek made their contribution by constructing different parts & systems of the vehicle.


Goal & Innovation:

Goal of the project was to manufacture a light weight, low cost sports car with special focus on its ergonomics & safety of the driver. Innovation was worked keeping in mind safety of the driver for

which seat belt activation sensor was installed. The vehicle doesn’t  start unless seat belt is plugged in and the engine gets killed as soon as the belt gets plugged out.



Our project team qualified till the final round ‘endurance’ of the competition and from amongst a total of 65 teams, it secured the 19th position.

Some Other Projects Completed During The Current Session Were:

Metro Train Prototype, Patient Monitoring System, Multi Level Car Parking, GSM based Robot, Industry Automation, Speed Control in Vehicles, Street Light Glow Detection by Vehicles, Gas Detection device and Appliance Control Using RF.