Personality Development Programme

To groom our students towards rewarding career, personal attention and support is offered to each one of them. We are conscious of the fact that students who become employable must be adequately equipped with those personality traits that establish their presence with poise and perfection in real work situations. We understand that in the corporate world, soft skills are an occupational requirement that complements a professional’s hard skills. Therefore, apart from providing a thorough theoretical knowledge and a real life practical experience to our students, we lay emphasis on such training that may instill a right attitude and aptitude in them.

We focus on their behavioral competencies and try to develop in them team spirit, ability to resolve issues, strategic thinking, leadership and all such traits that will contribute towards their career enhancement.

Special attention is paid to developing proficiency in communication for which we have an ultra modern language laboratory laced with high tech electronic devices. This helps them to learn speaking in English correctly & fluently.

Students are also trained in writing their resume, preparing presentations and writing business letters. Mock interviews are organized to hone their responses and to enable them gain confidence. Seminars, group discussions, debates and quiz competitions are a regular feature that helps in chiseling their intellect.